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On December 20, 2018, President Trump signed in to law the Agricultural Improvement Act (Farm Bill) which removed hemp from the controlled substances list. This was an historical event in that it legitimized hemp as an agricultural crop as opposed to a drug/controlled substance.


However, while this legislation paved the way for the hemp industry ‘s expansion it in no way made the path to legal compliance any clearer for those in the hemp industry.

The Dec Firm represents farmers, manufacturers, and suppliers of hemp. We provide a full spectrum legal approach to every aspect of the hemp supply chain from seed acquisition to direct sales and labeling.


The laws regarding hemp vary from state to state and agency to agency so it is imperative that you retain legal counsel versed in all of the legal and political intricacies of hemp.

We assist our hemp clients in obtaining the proper licenses, litigation, tax issues, employment and labor, due diligence, regulatory compliance, patent and trademark enforcement, investments and obtaining capital, contract negotiations, corporate structure, and general business counsel.

Our attorneys are ready to help New York businesses entering the cannabis industry by providing legal direction in the areas of:


  • Government Regulations and Compliance

  • Licensing and Permitting

  • New York State Licensing for Cultivation and Dispensaries (forthcoming based on legislation)

  • Labor and Employment

  • Real Estate

  • Land Use and Zoning

  • Environmental

  • Industrial Hemp Licenses (including Grain and Fiber licenses and CBD oil licenses)


Many of our attorneys have received the necessary continuing educational training to provide you with the guidance necessary to follow the federal and state laws governing cannabis law.


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